Original album classics

Auteur(s) Colvin, Shawn (1956-...) (Artiste de spectacle)
Titre(s) Original album classics [Enregistrement sonore] / Shawn Colvin.
Editeur(s) Columbia, 2010.
Collection(s) (Original album classics).
Contient Steady on. - Fat city. - Cover girl. - Steady on. - Diamond in the rough. - Shotgun down the avalanche. - Stranded. - Another long one. - Cry like an angel. - Something to believe in. - The story. - Ricochet in time. - The dead of the night. - Polaroids. - Tennessee. - Tenderness on the block. - Round of blues. - Monopoly. - Orion in the sky. - Climb on. - Set the prairie on fire. - Object of my affection. - Kill the messenger. - I don't know why. - Every little thing does is magic. - The heart of saturday night. - One cool remove. - Satin sheets. - There's a rugged road. - Killing the blues. - Window to the world. - Someday. - Twilight. - If these walls could speak. - This must be the place. - You're gonna make me lonesome when you go.
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