Original album classics

Auteur(s) King, Carole (1942-...) (Chanteur) (Compositeur)
Titre(s) Original album classics [Enregistrement sonore] ; Writer ; Music ; Rhymes and reasons ; Fantasy ; Wrap around joy / Carole King.
Editeur(s) Sony Bmg Music Entertainment, 2008.
Collection(s) (Original album classics).
Contient Spaceship races. - No easy way down. - Child of mine. - Goin' back. - To love. - What have you got to lose. - Eventually. - Raspberry jam. - Can't you be real. - I can't hear you no more. - Sweet sweetheart. - Up on the roof. - Brother, brother. - It's going to take some time. - Sweet seasons. - Some kind of wonderful. - Surely. - Carry your load. - Music. - Song of long ago. - Brighter. - Growing away from me. - Too much rain. - Back to California. - Come down easy. - My my she cries. - Peace in the valley. - Feeling sad tonight. - The first day in august. - Bitter with the sweet. - Goodbye don't mean I'm gone. - Stand behind me. - Gotta get through another day. - I think I can hear you. - Ferguson road. - Been to canaan. - Fantasy beginning. - You've been around too long. - Being at war with each other. - Directions. - That's how things go down. - Weekdays. - Haywood. - A quiet place to live. - Welfare symphony. - You light up my life. - Corazon. - Velieve in humanity. - Fantasy end. - A night this side of dying. - Change in mind, change of heart. - Jazzman. - My lovin' eyes. - Nightingale. - Sweet Adonis. - The best is yet to come. - We are all in this together. - Wrap around joy. - You gentle me. - You go your way, I'll go mine. - You're something new.
Notes rééd. d'un enr. de 1970, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1974.
Indice(s) 2.3
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